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Bussing v. COR Clearing, LLC, 20 F. Supp. 3d 719 (D. Neb. 2014): Preserving the Right to Tell Your Employers What They Do Not Want to Hear Kelsey E. B. Knoer

I. Introduction

The Animal Welfare Act at Fifty: Problems and Possibilities in Animal Testing Regulation Courtney G. Lee

I. Introduction

II. Background of the Animal Welfare Act ... A. Enactment and Evolution ... B. Early Amendments ... C. Improved Standards for Laboratory Animals Act of 1985 ... D. Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees ... E. IACUC Effectiveness

Al Maqaleh and the Diminishing Reach of Habeas Corpus Rehan Abeyratne

I. Introduction

II. Al Maqaleh: Background and Procedural History … A. Facts of the Case ... B. The Four Major Opinions ... 1. Al Maqaleh I ... 2. Al Maqaleh II ... 3. Al Maqaleh III ... 4. Al Maqaleh IV

Regulating the Sharing Economy: New and Old Insights into an Oversight Regime for the Peer-to-Peer Economy Raymond H. Brescia

I. Introduction

Stolen Profits: Civil Shoplifting Demands and the Misuse of Neb. Rev. Stat. § 25–21,194 Ryan P. Sullivan et al.

I. Introduction

Generally Applicable Law and the Free Exercise of Religion Douglas Laycock et al.

I. Introduction

II. Free Exercise of Religion in the Age of Smith

III. Two Requirements with Distinct Content ... A. Neutrality ... B. General Applicability

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