The Nebraska Law Review

Corporate Distributions of Appreciated Property—A Comment on Policy

John E. North

I. The Basic Change

II. Policy Considerations … A. Minimizing the “Double Tax” … B. Preventing Conversion of Ordinary Income to Capital Gain

III. Distribution of Inventory

IV. Distributions of Depreciable Property

V. Conclusion

The Winning National Moot Court Brief

Patrick W. Healey et al.

General Problems of Life Insurance in Estate Planning

Howard E. Tracy

I. The Application of Section 2042 … A. Preliminary Problems … B. The Incidents of Ownership Rule … C. The Reversionary Interest Rule

II. The Application of Other Sections … A. Section 2035: Transfers in Contemplation of Death … B. Section 2036: Transfers with Retained Life Estates … C. Section 2037: Transfers Effective at Death

III. Summary

Municipal Home Rule, a Progress Report?

Arthur B. Winter

I. The Home Rule Concept … A. Cause and Effect … B. Advantages of Home Rule … C. Nebraska’s Constitutional Provisions … D. The Application of Home Rule … E. Home Rule and the Courts—Generally

Federal Loyalty-Security Removals, 1946–1956

Robert J. Morgan

I. Judicial Review of Civil Service Removals

II. The Loyalty-Security Cases … A. The Removal Power and the Bill of Rights … B. The Doctrine of Specific Charges … C. The Cole Case

III. A Critique

Nebraska Corporation Law, a Statutory Jungle

Roland A. Luedtke

I. Introduction … A. The General Corporation Law of 1941 … 1. Source … 2. Scope … B. Adoption of General Nonprofit Corporation Law of Nebraska, 1943 … C. Amendments to Corporation Laws since 1941