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The Rule against Contribution and Its Status in Nebraska

Donald R. Wilson

It is the purpose of this article to present two distinct phases of the law of contribution between joint tortfeasors. The first section includes a brief summary of the background for the “no contribution” rule along with a discussion of a recent case which relaxes the stringent requirements for recovery. The second section deals exclusively with the Nebraska law on this issue and endeavors to determine Nebraska's exact position as to the allowance of contribution between negligent joint tortfeasors.

I. The Rule in General

II. Contribution in Nebraska

Compromise Verdicts in Criminal Cases

Philip C. Sorenson

I. Introduction

II. Jury Rationality

III. The General Verdict and What It May Show … A. Verdicts Contrary to Law … B. Verdicts Contrary to Fact

IV. Reversal of Compromise Verdicts

V. Problems in Reversal

VI. Conclusion

Constitutional Problems in School Redistricting

Charles G. Luellman

I. Constitutional Position of School Districts; Legislative Supremacy

II. Techniques … A. Redistricting by Indirection … 1. Raising the Educational Standards and Requirements … 2. Subsidies … B. Redistricting by Annexation … C. Redistricting by Administrative Action

III. Conclusion

A Critique of School District Reorganization in Nebraska

Arthur B. Winter

I. Introduction and Background … A. Proposed Plans for Equalization … B. The National Scope of Reorganization … C. Reorganization in Nebraska: Institutions and Procedures … D. Legislative Bases: Success and Failure

II. The Substance and Goals of Reorganization … A. Effectuation of Reorganization: Approach and Presentation … B. Effectuation of Redistricting: Pains and Penalties

Ethics in Legal Practice in Nebraska: A Comparative Analysis

William F. Swindler

I. Introduction

II. General Principles of Professional Practice … A. Statutory Bases … B. Adjudication … C. Selected Advisory Opinions … 1. Relations between Attorney and Court … 2. Relations between Attorney and Client … 3. Relations with Opposing Parties, Witnesses, and Counsel … 4. Conduct during Trial … 5. Fiduciary Principles … 6. Fees and Expenses … 7. Conduct of the Business of Law Practice … 8. General Professional Responsibilities

III. Summary

Unemployment Compensation during Labor Disputes

Virgil J. Haggart Jr.

I. Survey of Federal and State Legislation

II. Object and Purpose of Unemployment Compensation Legislation … A. Federal Legislation … B. State Legislation

Property Settlements and the Federal Gift Tax—A Survey

William E. Mooney Jr.

I. Antenuptial Agreements … A. History … B. 1954 Code … C. A Partial Solution

II. Support and Property Rights … A. History … B. 1954 Code

III. Support for Minor Children

IV. Separation and Divorce Agreements … A. History … B. 1954 Code … C. Legislative History of IRC § 2516 … D. Situations Where § 2516 Does Not Apply