The Nebraska Law Review

Giving Birth under the ACA: Analyzing the Use of Law as a Tool to Improve Health Care

Elizabeth Kukura

I. Introduction

II. Overview of Maternity Care in the United States ... A. High Costs and Poor Outcomes: Demonstrating the Urgent Need for Maternity Care Reform ... B. Understanding the Landscape of Childbirth

An Infamous Case: How the Iowa Supreme Court’s Minimalist Approach Forced Everyone to Come Back for More in Chiodo v. Section 43.24 Panel, 846 N.W.2d 845 (Iowa 2014)

Michael S. Boal

I. Introduction

II. Background ... A. Chiodo v. Section 43.24 Panel Facts ... B. Chiodo v. Section 43.24 Panel Opinions ... C. Judicial Minimalism

III. Analysis ... A. Dual Disorder: Two Levels of Minimalism ... B. More Harm than Good: Four Indicators ... 1. Final Arbiter of Constitutional Rights ... 2. Application of Stare Decisis ... 3. Repeat Players and Institutional Relationships ... 4. Increased Future Litigation

IV. Conclusion

Free Exercise and Substantial Burdens under Federal Law

Mark Strasser

I. Introduction

II. The Ever-Changing Free Exercise Jurisprudence ... A. Reynolds ... B. Modern Jurisprudence Suggesting No Exemptions Are Required ... C. The Jurisprudence Does an About-Face ... D. An Implicit Modification of the Jurisprudence? ... E. Back to Robust Protection? ... F. Tepid Protection?

III. The Congressional Response to the Court’s Free Exercise Jurisprudence ... A. RLUIPA ... B. RFRA ... C. The Circuits’ Quandary

IV. Conclusion

The Collective Fiduciary

Lauren R. Roth