The Nebraska Law Review

Sexual Psychopathy—A Legal Labyrinth of Medicine, Morals, and Mythology Domenico Caporale et al.

I. Identifying the Sexual Psychopath … A. Misconduct … B. Course of Conduct … C. Likelihood to Attack … D. Sexual Psychopaths and Sex Criminals … E. Sexual Psychopathy and Other Mental Ills

II. Commitment … A. Self-incrimination … B. Medical Reports … C. Plea of Guilty

III. Treatment … A. The Requirement of Treatment … B. Treatment Practices in Nebraska

The Right to Work, A Decade of Development William F. Swindler

I. Introduction

II. Genesis of the “Right to Work” Concept … A. Historical Background … B. Transition of the Concept … C. Stages in the “Right to Work” Movement

III. Local Characteristics of the Movement … A. Case Study: Nebraska … B. General: The States Enacting the Law

IV. Comparative Analysis of “Right to Work” Statutes

Modern Traffic Law Enforcement Edward C. Fisher

I. Development

II. Significance

III. Other Speed Check Devices

IV. Skid Mark Evidence

V. Chemical Tests for Intoxication

VI. Developments of the Future

Comparative Negligence—The Nebraska View Robert E. Johnson Jr.

I. Introduction

II. The Comparative Negligence Statute … A. Nebraska’s Uncertain Position … B. Criticism of Nebraska’s Position

III. The Last Clear Chance Doctrine … A. Nebraska and Last Clear Chance … B. Development of the Nebraska Doctrine … C. Present Nebraska Position … D. The Intervening Factor

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