The Nebraska Law Review

Compromise Verdicts in Criminal Cases Philip C. Sorenson

I. Introduction

II. Jury Rationality

III. The General Verdict and What It May Show … A. Verdicts Contrary to Law … B. Verdicts Contrary to Fact

IV. Reversal of Compromise Verdicts

V. Problems in Reversal

VI. Conclusion

Constitutional Problems in School Redistricting Charles G. Luellman

I. Constitutional Position of School Districts; Legislative Supremacy

II. Techniques … A. Redistricting by Indirection … 1. Raising the Educational Standards and Requirements … 2. Subsidies … B. Redistricting by Annexation … C. Redistricting by Administrative Action

III. Conclusion

A Critique of School District Reorganization in Nebraska Arthur B. Winter

I. Introduction and Background … A. Proposed Plans for Equalization … B. The National Scope of Reorganization … C. Reorganization in Nebraska: Institutions and Procedures … D. Legislative Bases: Success and Failure

II. The Substance and Goals of Reorganization … A. Effectuation of Reorganization: Approach and Presentation … B. Effectuation of Redistricting: Pains and Penalties

Unemployment Compensation during Labor Disputes Virgil J. Haggart Jr.

I. Survey of Federal and State Legislation

II. Object and Purpose of Unemployment Compensation Legislation … A. Federal Legislation … B. State Legislation

Property Settlements and the Federal Gift Tax—A Survey William E. Mooney Jr.

I. Antenuptial Agreements … A. History … B. 1954 Code … C. A Partial Solution

II. Support and Property Rights … A. History … B. 1954 Code

III. Support for Minor Children

IV. Separation and Divorce Agreements … A. History … B. 1954 Code … C. Legislative History of IRC § 2516 … D. Situations Where § 2516 Does Not Apply

Determining the Fair Market Value of Oil and Gas Interests C. E. Wright

I. Introduction … A. Estate Tax Code … B. Gift Tax Code … C. Regulations … D. Scope

Inconsistent Jury Verdicts in Civil Actions John C. McElhaney

I. Vicarious Liability of Co-Defendant … A. General Problem and Solution … B. Joint Tortfeasors as Defendants … C. Indemnity Cases … D. The Comparative Negligence Doctrine

II. Derivative Causes of Action … A. General Problem and Solution … B. Power to Grant a New Trial … C. Who May Complain of the Inconsistency