The Nebraska Law Review

The Family Automobile Policy Curtis M. Elliott

I. Introduction

II. Eligibility Considerations

III. Persons Insured

IV. Non-owned Automobile Coverage

V. Trailers

VI. Stolen Automobiles

VII. The Future

Effective Utilization of a Questioned Document Examiner Winsor C. Moore

I. Introduction

II. Document Examination as a Profession … A. Historical Development … B. Qualifications of the Document Expert

Nebraska “Grade A” Dairy Regulation—A Study in Regulative Overlap Deryl F. Hamann

I. Introduction … A. State Statutes Predating the 1957 “Grade A” Law … 1. 1951 Grade A Labeling Law … 2. General Milk Statutes … B. Municipal Ordinances

The Use of Real Evidence Donald P. Lay

I. Introduction

II. Objections to Use

III. Use by Defendant

IV. Illustrative Proof … A. Photographs … B. X-rays … C. Models, Charts, Diagrams, and Maps … D. Blackboards

V. Conclusion

Practice and Procedure before the Nebraska State Railway Commission J. Max Harding

I. Introduction

II. The Original or Extension Application

III. The Transfer Application

IV. Orders to Show Cause and Formal Complaints

V. After the Hearing

VI. Conclusion

Standing on Thin Ice: How Nebraska’s Standing Doctrine Prevents the Majority of Surface Water Users from Obtaining Judicial Relief against Groundwater Users Interfering with Their Appropriations Logan Hoyt

I. Introduction

II. Background ... A. Water Development in Nebraska ... B. Spear T Ranch, Inc. v. Knaub ... C. Introduction to Standing Doctrine

Judicial Bypass in Nebraska: How the Nebraska Supreme Court’s Decision in In re Anonymous 5, 286 Neb. 640, 838 N.W.2d 226 (2013) Illustrates the Complexity of Parental Consent Laws for State Wards Seeking Abortion Amy J. Peters

I. Introduction

II. Background ... A. Parental Consent Laws for Minors Seeking Abortion ... B. Teen Pregnancy and Abortion in Foster Care ... C. Nebraska’s Parental Consent Law and the Supreme Court’s Holding in Anonymous 5