The Nebraska Law Review welcomes unsolicited articles for publication consideration in the Review. Articles submitted should meet the following guidelines*:

  • 30,000 words or less
  • Articles must be completed works in publishable form
  • Citations should conform to the current edition of the Bluebook
  • Articles must use footnotes rather than endnotes

*Note: these guidelines are not strict requirements, merely recommendations for publication.

The Review accepts submissions by the following methods:

  • Hard Copy submission via standard mail (send to the Nebraska Law Review office)
  • Electronic submission via Scholastica
  • Electronic submission via email (send to

The vast majority of articles submitted to the Review are submitted online through Scholastica.

The Review has a longstanding policy to not publish submissions from students outside of the University of Nebraska College of Law.

Requests for expedited reviews should be sent directly to Law Review staff at